Beyond Silence

What is Beyond Silence?

Beyond Silence is a series of resources, customized for healthcare workers, that are designed to promote early intervention and support for the mental health of healthcare workers, and to promote psychological health and safety in healthcare workplaces.


If you are an employee of any healthcare-related organization in Ontario, you are eligible to access:


Champion training program

The 2-day course, led by trained peer educators, provides you with the knowledge, skills and resources to promote psychological health and safety in your workplace, with an emphasis on promoting early intervention and mental health support for you and your colleagues. The training provides an opportunity to not only build your knowledge and skills, but to share experiences and network with other workplace champions. You will come away with resources and ideas for how to create positive change in your organization.


To view upcoming dates and locations and to register for this program, visit PSHSA.


Peer educator training

This 2-day course is open to graduates from the champion training who would like to become a peer educator trainer and certified to provide the Champion training program. Participants must have personal experience with mental health recovery, have strong communication skills and be willing to offer at least 2 training programs per year.


To view upcoming dates and locations and to register for this program visit PSHSA.


Smartphone app (now available)

This mobile app is designed to be a ‘coach in your pocket,’ providing information and support for managing mental health at work, including support for you and support to deal with co-workers. You can link directly to a peer mentor if you have questions. We do not provide counselling, but there are links to local and provincial resources. The app is available for employers to provide to their workers, including customizable links to internal as well as external resources, however employers cannot access personal information.


For more Mental Health information and resources, visit PSHSA.