For Organizations

Beyond Silence is actively recruiting diverse Canadian healthcare organizations this summer for a research trial starting in early Fall of 2023. This approximately 6-month study aims to provide mental health support for healthcare workers across the country. Please be sure to apply before August 17th, 2023.

We are committed to fostering diversity in location, language, and organization size, as we believe it is important to represent the varied needs and perspectives of the Canadian healthcare landscape. Whether you’re a small clinic in a rural community or a large urban hospital, we encourage your organization to apply!

By joining the trial, your organization will have access to the Beyond Silence app, our dedicated pool of peer support providers, and the opportunity to contribute to building and strengthening peer support capacity in the healthcare sector. This collaborative effort will enable us to enhance mental health services and provide support to healthcare workers nationwide.

For any questions or to express your interest in becoming a part of this study, please reach out to us at

Organizational FAQs

What is Beyond Silence?

The Beyond Silence app is designed to be a “mental health coach in your pocket” for healthcare workers. The app provides a variety of resources, customized for healthcare workers, that are designed to promote early intervention and support for the mental health of healthcare workers as well as promote psychological health and safety in the workplace. Embedded within the app are peer support services, which app users will be able to access on-demand (6am-midnight across Canada 7 days a week) or make an appointment to connect with a peer mentor. Healthcare workers can use these peer support calls in a number of ways including debriefing difficult work events, mental health check-ins, general peer support conversations about workplace related mental health challenges, receive a guided meditation, or be coached through a breath exercise or grounding technique.

What is required of organizations to participate in Beyond Silence?

Organizations will need to identify 1-2 champions (employees) who will meet with the research time at various points throughout the research project (August 2023 – March 31, 2024). Organizations will also need to identify healthcare providers (depending on organizational size) who are willing to be trained in and provide peer support services via the Beyond Silence app during the approximately 6-month research implementation period. Organizations will also be responsible for inviting employees to participate in the study. Promotional materials will be provided by the research team.

What will organizations receive in participation?

Participating organizations will receive the following:

  • Free training and ongoing support for employee volunteers who are willing to be peer support providers in your organization.
  • Free access to the Beyond Silence app, a “mental health coach in your pocket” tool that provides private, on-demand, evidence-based mental health information that is customized for healthcare organizations, as well as access to trained peer support providers.
  • Employee access to trained peer support providers both within and outside your organization for the duration of the trial period.
  • Free access to onboarding and orientation materials for employees to access the app that has customized resources for your organization.
  • Organizational champions will receive a $250 honorarium for participating in the baseline and follow-up interviews. Incentives will also be provided for employees who complete the baseline and follow-up surveys, and for peer support providers who participate in the follow-up focus group discussion ($50 gift certificate draws).
  • An organizational report will be provided at the end of the trial with an overview of the app utilization patterns over the trial (anonymous, aggregate data only).
What are the important dates and implementation days?

Organizational onboarding: Summer 2023

Peer support provider training: Summer 2023 – Early Fall 2023

Beyond Silence app implementation: Fall 2023 – Winter 2024

What happens after the implementation phase ends?

Our team is currently exploring sustainability options for the future. Upon completion of the trial, we will meet with the organizational leaders to review findings and discuss next steps.