About Us

The Beyond Silence Team:

For general inquiries, please contact us at beysilen@mcmaster.ca

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sandra Moll, M.Sc.(OT), PhD – Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University


Sandra’s research interests relate to mental health/mental illness, along the continuum from mental health promotion to illness intervention. Her primary program of research focuses on workplace mental health, including approaches to building mental wellness and mental health literacy and reducing stigma in the context of work. She developed the Beyond Silence workplace training program and the Beyond Silence app platform with input from healthcare workers across Canada. Her research expertise is in co-design, qualitative methods, and implementation science.

Research Team

Melissa Parker

Research Coordinator


Melissa holds a BSc (Hons) in Life Science, a BA in Psychology, and is currently finishing up her Master’s Degree in Biomedical Science (Neuroscience). Her academic achievements are matched by her passion for mental health advocacy, with a particular focus on improving mental health outcomes in vulnerable populations.

Lindsay Crocco

Research Assistant


Lindsay Crocco has an B.Sc. in Life Science and M.Sc. in Occupational Therapy.  She has experience in designing, implementing and evaluating health promotion programs, policies and strategies in the healthcare and education sectors.

Saleha Ansari

Research Assistant


Saleha holds a H.BSc in Health Studies (Population Health Stream) and Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Disease. She continues to grow her skills in knowledge translation, data analysis, and health policy design and evaluation. At present, her research interests surround the intersectionality of health outcomes and care, with a growing interest in critical disability studies, rehabilitation, and mental health.

Shymega Arasaratnam

Research Assistant


Shymega holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) degree from McMaster University. She is continuing her education by completing a Master of Science in Global Health at McMaster University, in aims of widening the scope of health to a transcontinental lens. She is passionate about mental health advocacy among a variety of intersecting identities (e.g. refugees, youth, and parental caregivers of children with disabilities).  

Rhonda Kotick

Peer Support Coordinator, Homewood Health


Rhonda Kotick has Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has had a varied career including working in a maximum security penitentiary, supporting Canadian Military Members at the Department of National Defense, and most recently in the ICU and Emergency Department of a pediatric hospital. She is currently employed by Homewood Health and is the Peer Support Coordinator for Beyond Silence.

Misimi Sanni



Misimi is a high school student at Appleby College. Passionate about pursuing the Life Sciences and Engineering through Biomedical Engineering or Neuroscience in university, she continues to explore all areas of STEM while aiming to help others along the way.

Sheila Addanki

PhD Student