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Beyond Silence Champion Training

This 2-day workplace mental health training course is designed specifically for healthcare workers, and is led by trained healthcare employees with mental health experience. This evidence-based course is designed to engage healthcare employees in a dialogue regarding mental health issues at work, and how to identify and support workers who are struggling. The program combines information sharing and skill development with strategies for stigma reduction. Evidence for effectiveness of the program is supported by a two-year clinical trial conducted with 189 healthcare workers (comparing Beyond Silence with MHFA) demonstrating significant changes in mental health knowledge and beliefs:

  • Feedback from program participants supported the added value of the Beyond Silence program attributed to the specific focus on healthcare work, peer leaders, and the opportunity for dialogue and skill development
  • The program has been adapted for smaller, under-resourced organizations and we will be gathering input from participants as part of our ongoing research.

Day 1 focuses on exploring the value of addressing workplace mental health in healthcare organizations, including a dialogue about workplace mental health experiences and psychological health and safety. Topics include the mental health continuum, the impact of stress, how mental illness may appear at work and how and when to support someone who is struggling.


Day 2 focuses on exploring evidence-based approaches and mental health resources, as well as how to match resources to a person’s unique needs.


Registration fee:

  • $300 for organizations over 100 employees
  • $150 for organizations under 100 employees


To view upcoming dates and locations and to register for this program, visit PSHSA.


Please note that we currently have funding from the Ontario Ministry of Labour to provide a series of subsidized training programs (until spring of 2019). Employees from organizations with less than 100 employees are entitled to an additional discounted registration rate. Participants will be asked to participate in a formal program evaluation. Registration is open to anyone with an interest in workplace mental health, including front-line workers or managers in clinical or non-clinical roles. Space is limited, so register early!

"Learning, meeting new people plus hearing their stories. The instructors were great, easy to talk to and understand - excellent"

“A wonderful program that will benefit any organization.  Also that it is very applicable to everyone (in their families, communities, etc).”

“Beyond Silence was beyond my expectations, I am eager to create an action plan for my workplace.”

Peer Educator Training

This two-day training will be provided in small groups (up to 12 participants) to optimize opportunities for discussion and hands-on practice. Content of the program includes

  • Foundational principles of Beyond Silence facilitation
  • Best-practice evidence regarding anti-stigma education and the power of personal stories
  • Application of adult learning and group theory principles
  • Facilitation practice, with an opportunity to provide and receive feedback
  • Discussion re: opportunities and logistics of the peer educator role


Registration fee: $500


To view upcoming dates and locations and to register for this program visit PSHSA. 

You will need your assigned password from the coordinator of the program to access this information.


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